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  Homepage now in english language avaiable


  Music video to new single "Diving 2007" 


 New Longplay CD of Cangoo Beat called "Reflections"



  Welcome to the homepage of Cangoo Beat Music Productions

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  2 Lovely DJs - "Bakerstreet 2008 (Promo)" -NEW-

  2 Lovely DJs - "Its allright (Radio Mix)"

  2 Lovely DJs - "Its allright (House Mix)"

  2 Lovely DJs - "Back 2 Party"

  2 Lovely DJs - "Tha DJs gonna move ya"

  S-Star - "Another way (House Mix)"

  Cangoo Beat - "Now that we found love 2007 (Radio Mix)"

  Cangoo Beat - "Amore"

  Cangoo Beat - "The Reason"

  Cangoo Beat - "Midnight Symphony"

  Zeit der Zeichen - "Freundinnen frs Leben (Promo)" -NEW-



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